Advertise Your Detailing Company To Travelers

The auto detailing industry has experienced rapid growth in the last few years learn more here. While many businesses struggle to keep their doors open as consumers tighten their belts and cut back on spending, auto detailing can be a cost-effective way to increase the vehicle’s worth for their customers. This position allows them to keep existing customers while also expanding their customer base. This market is hugely underutilized.

Long-term parking facilities are located close to airports and convenient for business travelers. These long term parking lots typically last for five days. This gives you plenty of time to inspect and detail the car, even if the owner is not there. Your services can be advertised via trip planning sites, direct mailshots sent to companies that have a traveling workforce (such as sales and insurer companies) and flyers which can then be handed out at the lot attendant. You can promote your services to business travelers by listing available service packages. Make sure to include bullet-pointed details so that it is easy to find. You must remember that potential customers may be short on time and will need to quickly read your format. You can include your contact information, including your website address, at the top or bottom of each flyer.

If you own a business that has a shopfront, and offers mobile services as well as long term parking solutions, if space is available. Drop off services are possible if your shop lies within 15 miles of an airport. If this is not possible, try to build and sustain relationships with nearby parks-and-ride facilities that might offer you discounts for advertising. You can also build relationships with local businesses to help bring in customers who wouldn’t otherwise know about your services. Professionals who travel are often worth their sales. You may be able advertise your services to them at trade shows and conventions in your area. Your services can be easily completed by these professionals, who often spend the entire day at these events. Because of the speed and convenience offered by auto detailing, your services can be provided “on-the fly”. This is a great advantage for people who want their cars showroom perfect but don’t have the time to wait or drop off their cars.
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