Carpet Cleaning Methods Most Popular

All methods do not work the same. The methods for cleaning different types carpets vary. Because they are made of different materials, every one requires a particular cleaning method. The fact is that this information isn’t understood by all cleaning services. More about the author?

Due to this, they damage carpets. A good Port Charlotte will have all of the knowledge and skills to take care of the carpets. What may work for one type may harm another. This is a short look at a few of the most common methods.


As suggested by the name, detergent or shampoo is sprayed directly onto carpeting. To further agitate and mix the detergent, an additional machine is employed. For the carpets to look neat, the cleaner is vacuumed out. All of the businesses use specially formulated detergents which also have a pleasing fragrance. This method is effective for deep-seated dirt or dust. The carpet will be cleaned effectively if you use a rigorous method of cleaning. Additionally, the bacteria are eliminated by mixing the disinfectant detergent. However, it is best to avoid using this method very often because the fibre can be damaged.

Dry Cleaning

Punta Gorda offers dry cleaning, which is a very popular carpet cleaning method. This method is highly recommended, because it allows you to immediately use the carpet after cleaning. You can use special powders for drying purposes. This powder is evenly sprinkled onto the carpet. Then, after a short time it can be removed by vacuuming. Some companies utilize advanced oxygenated cleanser for better cleaning.

Foam Cleaning

Use both shampoos. On the surface of carpet, apply a small quantity of both water and the cleansing foam. The foam cleanses and removes dust. Allow the foam to remain on your carpet and vacuum it up. It’s best to use this technique on carpets which have thicker fibres.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is used for carpets for quite some time. This method’s use has decreased due to some of its disadvantages. It is a very water-intensive method that can often damage carpet fibers. It causes more damage, particularly when used repeatedly. Nevertheless, it’s still very useful when you use it only rarely. A special machine puts hot water and cleanser deep down into the carpet. The cleanser can be extracted using the suction technique. With this type of cleaning, even stubborn dust particles and dirt can be removed. However, frequent use of this method can damage the carpet.

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