Carpet Drying Guide – The Ultimate Guide

The number one question asked by people about carpet cleaning professionals is how long the carpets will take to dry more info. People are equally interested in this question as they are with the cost. There are stories that people have heard about carpets being left wet after cheap cleaning. Most of the time, this is because you are using the wrong method. A properly done carpet should be able to dry within 24 hours.

But keep in mind that the length of time it takes will depend on the condition, and the situation, of the carpets. This is because some carpets will require a longer time to dry due to the different fibers or textures. Wool carpets will absorb more than synthetic carpets. Polypropylene synthetic material absorbs almost no moisture, which means the water is left on the top, giving the impression that it’s wet longer. The amount soil determines also how long a surface will take to dry. If the soil is too soiled and saturated, then more liquid will be needed to remove it.

Consider also the temperature and humidity in the space. The drying time could be longer on humid days or cold ones. This is due to air movement being restricted. The air is slowed down by the water content, which also resists moisture absorption. Warm air is quicker and accelerates evaporation. Hot, dry hair dryer air dries the hair faster than cold settings. This is a great analogy. And since we’re discussing hair, you can also say longer hair dries faster than short hair. The same as the hair metaphor, a shaggy or long carpet will take longer to air dry.

The technique also plays a major role in whether or not carpets are able to dry faster. Depending on the cleaning method, it all depends. Some carpet cleaners employ low moisture methods including encapsulation. Less water means that it will dry faster. However, encapsulation will only work on lightly soiled and not heavily soiled floors. Other sanitation concerns include pet accidents, vomiting, and urine. Incorrect equipment can also delay the drying of the carpets. As deep carpet cleaning truck mounted machines are much more expensive than normal cleaning machines, don’t look for cheap services. AJS Carpet Cleaning South Jordan utilizes truck mounted engines that are 10 times more powerful than the carpet machines you rent.
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Our carpet cleaning systems use the latest technology, which is designed to extract as much water as possible. Our wands feature a visual indication that shows us the amount water being sucked through. To reduce the waiting time we can ask for surface fans depending on the size of your rooms. In most cases, your carpets will be dry before we ever leave. It’s best, however, to wait 24 hours for them to dry completely before you start using it.

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