Church building unique websites and web applications

Church Helper offers web design and development services to churches, charities, as well as a variety of other ministries – helpful hints. Church Helper has the right web solution for you. We are proud hosting websites for churches, ministries, nonprofits, and other organizations.

Church Helper’s web development team specializes in building unique websites and web applications that churches can use. We work with many churches of different denominations to update and maintain our websites. We can help your church or ministry build a custom website, as well as provide a host of other services such hosting, website maintenance, search engine optimization, and more. Get a free consultation online.

Church Helper’s unique web design for churches was an inspiration to us. The CMS is extremely secure and easy to use. Our church web design team would be happy to meet with you if your church is ready for a website.

Church Helper’s custom design service for church websites makes it easy for you get a website that allows staff to update it easily and has features that reflect the needs of your congregation.

Audio, Video, and Sermons

Download your Sunday sermon by sharing it via audio or video.


Visitors to your church’s website can send prayer requests or reply to them.

Tithing and Online Giving

Church Helper websites make giving online a simple and secure process.

A blog and podcast

You can interact with your congregation by using podcasts and blog entries on a daily or weekly basis.

Media Center

Connect to the media repository of your choice to stream content right from your website.

Our church’s web team has continuously improved and added capabilities.

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