Combi Ovens – The Advantages top steamers

The majority of counter-top steamers don’t have a boiler. Water is poured to the bottom section, which contains a heating element. Connection steamers come with a water supply line that connects to the steamer via the building’s water supply. Although it requires more maintenance and can be harder to clean this type steamer handles a higher volume. Read here!

To reduce cleaning up and further maintenance, you should only use water filtered with a scale inhibitor. Tap water may have an effect on food flavor.

Combi Ovens

A commercial combi oven uses convection or steam to fast and efficiently cook food. Combi ovens can be substituted for many restaurant equipment, such as holding or warming cabinets, fryers/steamers, traditional convection ovens, and traditional convection ones, even though they are somewhat more expensive.

Combi ovens may be replaced by other cooking equipment to maximize space in restaurants.

How much can a combi oven support?

Most steamers have 1-4 compartments. A one-compartment model can produce up to 200 meals per hour. Combi ovens can be used in large quantities because they cook food quickly and have multiple cooking options.

Keep Your Commercial Steamer Operational at Peak Performance

Use filtered water containing a scale inhibitor. A scale inhibitor is used to remove minerals in tap water. Performance problems and the need to clean the steamer constantly can be caused by minerals building up. The alert light on various steamer models indicates when a buildup must be removed. Unfiltered water can also cause a change in the taste and texture of steam food.

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