Consider Installing Only The Best Exterior Foundation Foundations Waterproofing Systems

A foundation is a crucial part of any structure whether it’s used for residential purposes or commercial my site. The foundation will be the basis of all structures and its quality will greatly affect the life and quality of those structures. You should only rely on exterior foundation waterproofing methods that are often used with sump pump systems to keep the cellar dry and clean.

Before we look at different waterproofing solutions available today, let’s take a closer look at some of the most common reasons for basement water seepage. It’s a well-known fact that soil expands with water. The extent of this expansion can vary by soil type. Soil types such as sand allow water to flow through, but they absorb very little while soil types like clay absorb a great deal more. More the soil absorbs, the more it expands. This expansion places pressure on the outer surface and, as a consequence, water is pushed into the basement through any cracks in the walls or floors. The technology has advanced to a point where basement seepage can now be fixed or controlled in a variety of ways. You can do them either from inside or outside. Interior drain tiles, which prevent seepage between the cracks of the floor and wall joints and from the cracks themselves, are quite popular. Water is accumulated in sump sinks and then pumped from them by sump pumps. Injecting expanding polyurethane in cracks will also stop seepage.

While the interior waterproofing may be less difficult and time-consuming, it’s still a better idea to opt for the best exterior waterproofing systems. The source of the problem is outside the building. This means that it is better to deal with the problem there. Initially, the outer wall surface must be exposed for treatment. The surface will then be cleaned, and a layer of asphalt modified polyurethane applied with masonry trowels. Once the coating is cured, it becomes impermeable and stops the water from penetrating. Over the coating, it is common to apply a heavy drainage board which protects the membrane while also creating a channel where the water can flow. If the surrounding water is very high, you should install exterior drain tile to help relieve pressure on the walls.

Sump pump being the most important component of any basement waterproofing system it is vital to choose the best type of pump. The size, the power and the specifications of the pumps will be key factors in the success or failure of the waterproofing systems. The best exterior foundation waterproofing requires a high level of technical expertise. This is because the system’s success will be determined by the size, power and specification of the pump. Depending on different circumstances, the solution will need to vary. To ensure quality, you should hire professionals to do this work.

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