Cosmetic Surgery Safety: Guidelines

Planning any cosmetic surgery should take into account three factors: safety, results and quality. To educate potential clients on cosmetic procedures, this article helps them to choose the best surgeon, learn more here.

1. For plastic surgeons, surgery that improves the physical appearance as well as the functionality of the body is a challenge. Patient should be satisfied with the outcome. Securing the safety of patients is important for any cosmetic procedure. When the desired result is obtained, the surgeon will also be happy and emotionally satisfied. The safety and health is the number one priority for your surgeon.

2. Ascertain your surgeon’s formal education and academic training in plastic/cosmetic/aesthetic as well as reconstructive surgery. The formal burns aesthetic reconstructive aesthetic surgery and training must be completed by a medical doctor before they are able to call themselves Plastic surgeons. It is done in an accredited medical school after the medical degree. General Surgery would take 3 to 5 years, and 3 of these years are dedicated to Burns Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery. Philippine Association of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons & Philippine College of Surgeons – these are the two local associations who recognize and accept plastic surgery training programs from a small number of institutions. Even though many doctors aren’t board-certified in plastic surgery, they perform cosmetic procedures. In order to understand the complexity of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgeries, it is necessary for more than one month or even a whole year of training in an accredited facility.

3. A strong background in Cosmetic/Aesthetic Surgery is required for the surgeon to accurately assess your suitability as a patient. Your surgeon should have the ability to explain all of the possible risks and then recommend which option is right for you. If you need a less invasive method, ask your doctor if there is a non-surgical option. You will learn the pros and con of such procedures from your surgeon. Be aware that no one cosmetic procedure can give the results desired by all patients. Because we all define beauty differently, treating each individual patient is essential.

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