Discover the best online video courses to learn how to master your painting

Never before has it been cheaper or easier to get started in painting. Using video technology, it is now possible to get instruction from world-class instructors anywhere in the planet. These world-class instructors are often too busy to teach students, or they live far away. It is clear that video painting lessons have revolutionized the industry. Not all courses will be good. Check out these tips to help you choose the right course, discover more here.

1. Choose video. You need video for a painting lesson. The videos are not small video clips that can be added into books. They are full-blown, complete videos. It is easier to learn this activity by watching an experienced person go through it.

2. Video production should be high-quality; there should also be many closeup shots, and the content must make sense.

3. Beginner to Advanced Course: An extensive Learn and master painting course will guide a newbie through each step of setting up their art studio. The course covers the necessary equipment and supplies as well as how to setup an art studio. Beginner courses can be confusing and leave the students unable or unwilling to learn basic information. A DVD could also allow a painter with more experience to skim through all the lessons and watch only the ones of interest.

4. The artists must possess a wealth of knowledge, experience and be accomplished in their field. Additionally, they should be able speak to students at any level. It is common for gifted artists not to know the learning level of their students. They may become confused, frustrated and even quit.

5. Complete painting courses should teach more than how to mimic the instructor. It will teach you only how to paint one specific type. You will learn how to use perspective, colors, tonality and other concepts in a painting class.

6. Guided Practice Sessions; you must work along with the instructor in order to complete all exercises and full-blown art from beginning to ending. You could get a wrong impression if you watch the instructor while holding your hand. It’s impossible to beat diving into the pool with a good teacher for learning how to swim.

7. With dvd courses, it is simple to set your pace. Pause at any moment during the course and continue where you left. You must be taught the course in an organized way if you are going to allow yourself to stop for breaks (or to go to the toilet).

8. Your instructor may not be playful and you will become bored. You might no longer enjoy the lesson. For you to remain interested, your instructor should be fun and encourage. If the teacher isn’t playful, then you will find it boring.

9. Spend between $150 to $250 USD for a complete beginner’s-to-advanced painter dvd. Many DVDs priced between $20 and $50 USD only cover one or two topics.

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