Emma Frost undergoes Plastic Surgery

A comic book heroine confesses to having undergone plastic surgery several times. Read on to find out more continue reading.

Emma Frost is a fictional female character from the X-Men Comics series. She admitted once that she had plastic surgery performed on her nose. Emma Frost made this revelation in New X-Men Series number 18, during a conversation with Jean Grey. In later editions the former X-Men opponent admitted to having received this treatment on other parts of body. The writers of the series, however, never stated where. Despite that, there are several Emma Frost comic book spin-offs, which focus on her childhood and development, teenage years and various roles in various groups inside and outside of Uncanny X-Men.

Emma Frost first appeared as the White Queen in the Hellfire Club. The Hellfire Club was a society that at one time was at odds the the main X-Men led by Professor Xavier. Emma Frost’s powers changed from issue to issue but telepathy dominated. Emma Frost, besides her storyline of having undergone plastic surgery, was able read minds, control objects telepathically and obtain powers of memory alteration and mental shock blasts. Later she was described as being able to transform into a stone, giving her superhuman strength similar to that of Incredible Hulk.

Emma Frost was featured in several cameos during the X-Men animation series that aired on North American television between 1992-1997. She made her first appearance in “The Phoenix Saga”, as the White queen. They did not include the details of her plastic surgery and didn’t give viewers a summary of her life before. Emma Frost had even been on the Brotherhood of X-Men’s side at one point. In one episode, she is shown wearing Cerebro – a machine that Professor X created in Wolverine & the X-Men. Many filmmakers have adapted her story for screen and she could end up in future X-Men movies.

Emma Frost, the character played by Sigourney In the live-action version of X-Men: The Last Stand is Emma Frost. Tahyna tozzi, an Australian actress, model and singer, will play her in the 2009 movie based upon Wolverine. January Jones who has a prominent role on Mad Men also played Emma Frost. She and her character have something in common, besides being beautiful: They both support plastic surgery.

Emma Frost is a well-known character in video games. Emma Frost appeared as the White queen in The Uncanny X-Men by Nintendo Entertainment system and X-Men Madness in Murderworld. In the later version of Marve Super Hero Squad Online users can play Emma Frost. They can defeat villains by using her telepathic power and transform into super strong diamond.

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