Entangled by Graham Hancock: The Eaters Of Souls

This is the thrilling, bloody story. Two main female characters’ lives are intertwined. Leoni in the twenty first century, and Ria in prehistoric Spain two thousand years ago. Leoni’s experiments with medication lead her to Ria, who struggles for her survival and the tribe she belongs. Ria supports two warring sides to unite to combat the enemy, who is threatening the lives of the tribes. This team is under control of the evil chief who loves human blood and their souls. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on preparation of ayahuasca

Leoni, the seventeen-year-old Leoni 12 months before the 21stcentury, fled her father and mother, who were successful and managed. Leoni meets other people who want to try drugs in an attempt to reach Ria. Leoni and Ria both fight for their lives as well as those of their tribes. One dimension loss is the same as another. Leoni finds herself caught in Ria’s battle. Leoni will soon be able to escape from the men chasing her, and she will also be able use the drug DMT. Later, Ayahuasca can be used by shamans to help her navigate the Amazon. As she is pulled by the Stone Age to aid her new friend, Leoni manages to get away from her pursuers.

I am physically disturbed by the brutality in this novel. After torturing and eating their souls, the evil chief consumes your blood. The graphic depiction of these situations is both efficient and graphic. The motion is rapid-paced and draws readers into your story, even though there is violence.

The novel’s strategy of souls becoming consumed is not practical. This analogy only applies to “lost Souls”, which are people who continue to stall on their evolutionary path. The drug-induced adventures are valid, even if the chance to interact and significantly have an impact upon parallel universes may not be.

The information provided to other people is not intended to be used. Hancock provides some concrete earth encounters to illustrate this point. Use of drugs can provide shamans with certain knowledge. This is not for the ignorant or untrained. It’s difficult for us to reach other dimensions these days without being engulfed in anxiety and seeing the horrific scenes we have created from our childhood. Because it opens us up to new worlds, this is very dangerous. Talk to 60s hippies and discuss their experiences with LSD. Hancock’s Supernatural reviews the use and dangers of using ayahuasca for entering other dimensions. He shares some of his know-how and those of many other people. Prescription drugs, while a popular option, are not the best unless the situation can be managed well.

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