Figure Competition Cheat Meals

Preparing to compete in figure shows requires dedication going here. The better your goal is, the more extreme you should be with your training, diet, and cardio. Cheating in figure competitions is a frequent question. This topic is often asked by figure competitors.

This article is short and informative. It will explain the basics of this subject so you can prepare your diet for competition. Top IFBB pros will eat a formally scheduled cheat dinner once a week. Cheat meals for figure competitions must be carefully planned and implemented. Cheats are designed to shock your body and make it burn more calories. The figure prep diet demands that you eat a certain amount of calories and macros every day. Your body will be completely shocked if you include a cheat meal, which can cause your metabolism to go up for several days.

My biggest question is “Can you eat anything you want?” Yes, that is the answer to your question. Figure prep is a loose start. As you move on, things will become more structured. Any dish is acceptable as your figure competition cheat meal. For it to work properly, you have to limit your cheat meals to just one meal per day. As you approach your figure contest, it is important to switch your scheduled cheat meal to an established re-feeding day. Re-feeding day is similar to cheat day but you can choose higher-calorie foods from quality sources. Refeed day is similar to a cheat day except that you eat more calories and carbs. By slowly tweaking your figure competition cheat meals, and then making them refeed meals on set days, you can have total control over how fast you lose fat and how hungry you are. After several weeks of cheating on the diet, you’ll find you don’t want your cheat day.

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