How do you select the best Craigslist Ad Posting Service

Are you looking to automate Craigslist’s posting process? Craigslist has a posting service that can help you automate your ads. Let me share with ya some helpful tips before you make a decision about any company. You can get the best guide on Craigslist Ad Poster.

Do your research and make sure to compare services. Each one can be reached to inquire about their pricing and needs. Some services may require providing ad copies, titles, images, accounts, etc. A major factor is the cost. It is not always the best deal. Some of these services provide poor ads which most of the time are flagged.

With a service, you can only make a demand for live ads. If you do this, you’ll know you’re only paying for ads that bring you traffic. Ghosted ads should not be paid for. Some Craigslist posting services adhere to this requirement naturally, while some do not.

Ask company for testimonials. They should be able to provide testimonials, and they will likely prove to you that they are legit.

When you order bulk ads from Craigslist, always ask for a discounted price. Most ad-posting services should not have any problem giving you a 10% or greater discount. Inform them that your goal is to have a long-term relationship. You will also order many more ads from them in the future.

Craigslist offers manual ad submission. You can be sure that no automated software was used to post your ads. Spamming software leads to a lot of ad-ghosting/flagging.

Order a limited number of ads at first. Do not order 1,000s of ads per month. First, run a test. Then, see how it converts. Next, buy more. Don’t take on risk by partnering with a brand new company. Always play safe.

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