How do you use THCa?

Many patients or stoners will use THCA transformed into THC to treat their symptoms, get high, or relieve pain. THCA in these situations is more a means to THC. But more brands recognize the benefits of THCA as a standalone product. Additional info?

Consuming raw cannabis is a very popular and easy way to get THCA. Although you can eat the raw marijuana, some prefer to add it to their Juicing Routine in order for it be more effective and tasty. Many companies offer THCA tinctures as well as topicals that are taken in a similar way to vitamins, or after vigorous exercise.

How do I activate THCA?

You can activate THCA by simply inhaling. Stoners who smoke weed or take dabs and other heat-producing consumption methods activate their THCA.

You can also recarboxylate marijuana, for use in edibles and tinctures. It’s possible to decarboxylate your cannabis by heating it up to between 200 and 245 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 to 40 minutes. The cannabinoids will be lost if you cook it too long or at temperatures above 300o.

You can either smoke or dab THCA.

The THCA will not remain for long. You actually have exposed your cannabis with THCA product to heat somehow, otherwise it won’t give you a high nor will other benefits be available, like nausea relief, appetite stimulation, and pain reduction. THCA begins converting immediately to THC once it is exposed to heat. If you use any of the following: a Volcano bag ripped, a Puffco clicked, a Volcano joint, a Puffco smoked, a Volcano bowl rolled, or even a lighter, THC is what you will be inhaling.

Will THCA appear on a drugs test?

Yes. Both THC and THCA can show up on a positive drug test. There is no way to convert the entire THCA of a weed or dabs into THC. As a result, you will likely absorb THCA.

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