How to Install an Inground Pole

An inground Flagpole simply refers to a flagpole that is rooted in ground. It is a permanent flagpole designed to withstand winds speeds of up to 130 mph. This is dependent on the flagpole’s material and height. Foundations are required for flagpoles embedded in ground, as trees have to support themselves with visit website.

Digging a hole is the first step in constructing a foundation. The soil must be soaked and concrete must then be poured. After the concrete cools, a “groundsleeve”, or cylindrical cover, can be inserted into the foundation. A groundsleeve is made of thick steel tubes with an open top and broad base. It protects the flagpole from concrete’s corrosion. The groundsleeve is held in place with the steel plates at the ends. The flagpole is secured at its base by steel wedges in the inside of the groundsleeve. Groundsleeves can be equipped with lightning rods. If you have an aluminium flagpole, this may not be a problem.

You can add a flash collar to your foundation. It is designed to fit over the ground sleeves and bottom of your pole. The pole space and collar are sealed to keep water out of the foundation and base.

When you build your foundation, make sure that the flagpole does not get blown away. As a rule, 10% should go underground.

Some larger flagpoles require professional installation. Ask the distributor or manufacturer if you can have it done for them.

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