It’s a brilliant job by this electrical contractor!

Brilliant Electric Heating and Cooling in Chicago is the name given to the top electrical contractor. Why are they the best in their field? You’re about be told the answer, visit us!

Electrical contractors are more than electricians. The business is involved with the necessary construction for the installation, maintenance, and design of electrical systems. This requires that designs be approved by professionals in engineering, all work be performed according to local and federal codes, as well as the finished project be inspected before it is accepted.

Brilliant hires both the electrical contractors and the designers to build their systems.

Electrical contractors have three roles:

Line contractors build high-voltage and transmissiondistribution lines. It is they who will build the towers as well as string the cables from the generating plants to the substations.

The “inside electrical contractor” is responsible for the distribution of power within a structure. Electrical and cable installation, maintenance, and design are done by these prime contractors. This group works on buildings of all sizes, commercial or residential.

Contractors working with “integrated systems for building” are experts in low-voltage (think of backup generators or climate control systems.

Brilliant Electric Heat and Cooling is not responsible for the construction and installation of high-voltage power lines. It is done by large construction firms. All the inside tasks as well as some of the integrated tasks are done by us, beginning to end. Brilliant’s electrical contracting allows us to be fully integrated in order to deliver the highest quality results.

Chicago and collar locations: We know the codes inside out. Plan evaluation and code inspection are conducted in conjunction with our working relationships with municipalities.

You can find out what we do here:

Install electrical cabinets and/or panels. Installing an electrical panel that is functional will allow you to get service at the major distribution points.

Lighting design, installation, and commercial lighting. Additionally, we also manage smaller lighting jobs as required.

Design, install, and upgrade power-to additions. Brilliant is proud to be a Lutron retailer. Lutron is a Lutron dealer.

The design and installation of automated home systems that allow the light to be controlled from either your Smartphone or by remote control. At the time of this publication, tablet computers were included as remote controllers.

Identify, design, install and maintain smoke and carbon dioxide detectors for the safety of homes and business. Underwriters Laboratory approves these detectors only if they’re replaced every 10 years.

Find, design, then install ceiling and roof fans to control temperature. These fans won’t cool or warm, but instead move the air in order to relieve individuals inside the building.

Measure HVAC equipment like furnaces.

Create, install and maintain air quality control systems.

The thermostat system is located, installed, and maintained.

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