Kitchen Utensil List

It is easy to get confused about all the choices in kitchen equipment. We have compiled a list of essential kitchen equipment that will make cooking and cleaning easy. Learn more?

The first is a reliable knife set. A good pair of knives is essential for cutting, dicing and slicing any ingredient. The peeler is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. It is useful for peeling carrots, potatoes, and apples.

Blenders are the best tool for making sauces, soups and smoothies. Blenders are essential now that smoothie bowls are on the rise. However, great power comes with immense responsibility. Hot liquids shouldn’t be blended, as you will need to clean soup from the ceiling.

Stand mixers or hand mixers are great tools for making cookies and kneading bread dough. To make your pasta, you can attach a pasta maker attachment. Yum.

Ovens are a game changer for baking cakes, roasting vegetables, and making homemade pizza. The slow cooker is a great kitchen friend for busy people. Tossing your ingredients in the morning will make it easy to bring home a delicious meal.

Other essentials include cutting boards, measuring spoons, cups, whisks and spatulas as well as a set pots and pans. The dishwasher is the ultimate dishwashing machine. You can now spend less time washing dishes by hand. You can just fill up the dishwasher and it will do all the dirty work.

This list should be a starting point for you as you build your kitchen toolbox. As you get more experience in the kitchen, you might need or want additional equipment. If you already have the necessary equipment, you will be a great chef.

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