Lawyer should do in personal injury (PI)

The previous article in this series addressed what your lawyer should do in personal injury (PI), cases. This article describes how to deal with an attorney that isn’t doing what he’s supposed to.

It has always been a surprise to me how many PI attorneys are able to sit on a particular case. Just think about it. Most attorneys receive a contingent fee. That means they get a share of the money they make for you. It is absurd that your attorney would leave your case inactive. It is important to note that overhead expenses for attorneys are not sitting idle.

It’s either too busy or too lazy that your attorney answers the question. Although the former is more beneficial than the latter, neither one is good for your health.

Here are the steps to follow if you suspect that your attorney may be too busy or too lazy.

1. To find out how a real attorney would handle your case, speak to or meet with a top PI law attorney in your region.

These consultations are almost always available for free.

How do I find the best lawyer in my area? If you’d like, you can either call me or send me an email. I’d be delighted to help you. You can email me to find out your claim value. Simply fill in the Claim Calculator form below. It will provide me with your email address and details about your case (amounts of property damage or medical bills, wage loss etc. I am able, via trial lawyer associations and other means to find the top attorneys in all areas of the United States. I contact the attorney directly to discuss your case. If the attorney is available to meet with me, we will schedule a time for you to speak or meet about your case.

So how do you determine if an attorney has the highest rating in your local area? The answer is simple: he publishes his million-dollar results directly on his website. I only recommend the best. The results speak for themselves. An attorney who doesn’t display their results on his website is not proud. You can trust that an attorney who has successfully managed your case and has recovered over a half million dollars for individual clients will know how to manage it. Insurance companies know of the reputations of highly successful attorneys. It can make a huge difference to an insurance company when deciding whether to settle the case for a reasonable amount.

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