Learn about the benefits of using crystal fragrance bottles

It is likely that you love perfume bottles, especially those with a vintage look. Vintage bottles are increasingly popular all across the UK. Their popularity also has led many imitation bottle designers to create low quality material bottles, and trick people. It is important for a buyer to understand the features of a real crystal perfume before buying. Each bottle is unique and filled with your preferred fragrance. Back in the day, you could only find these bottle from authentic makers. Online stores now offer crystal-encased perfume bottles, read more!

You can find real bottles of crystal.

Check out these helpful tips that will make it easy to identify the real thing.

Crystal or porcelain? It’s easy to be confused. But crystal is most authentic. And it has beautiful patterns or carvings. Original bottles are easy to distinguish from fakes.

Cork stubs: To prevent spillages, the corkstubs should be tight and solid. The purpose of the cork stub is keep perfume safe, and to stop evaporation.

Dip sticks: Original bottles come with glass sticks for applying perfume. The sticks can be used to easily apply the perfume. Two sticks are included in the authentic bottles. One stick is used to dip and spray, while the other one is used to dip.

Asymmetrical bases: Originals will usually not be flat. It has a rougher base, and it can be hard to hold.

Purchase crystal bottles to perfume online

Buying anything on the Internet is now easy, quick and convenient thanks to the advances of internet technology. Even authentic merchandise is available online. There are a few points you must remember.

Choose from a wide range of beautiful crystal bottles that will enhance your fragrances. The search engine allows you to enter any specific keyword.

Read the customer reviews below each bottle after you’ve selected a few. This is written by people who already bought the bottles. Three out of five stars are generally considered as legitimate.

If you are unsure about anything, including the shipping, price, or quality of the product, contact the customer support team.

Consider the expertise of the retailer and their reputation on the market. It is a good idea to shop at a store with dozens of different bottles. If customers like the reviews they have posted on the Internet about the store, it’s advisable.

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