Leather Lounge Love: Dos and Don’ts of Timeless Elegance

We’ve all done it: you walk into the room and immediately are captivated, by its sheen, aura, and elegance check this. If you have made an investment in carpet cleaning Killara, it will help maintain the atmosphere of your home. How do you maintain the rich, regal look of your leather couch? Get ready for some important do’s and don’ts!

1. Dusting regularly is important. A simple wipe-down with a cloth made of microfiber on a weekly basis can work wonders. This is similar to brushing hair. You are removing the dirt on the surface of your furniture before it has a chance to settle.

2. Like our skin, leather also dries out. Leather conditioner helps maintain its suppleness. Try any product first on a hidden spot.

3. Leather is also affected by sunlight. Just as prolonged exposure to the sun can cause damage to our skin, leather can fade or become damaged. Avoid placing your leather lounge in direct sunlight.

1. Do not use all-purpose cleaning products: What a convenience! But wait! These cleaners may be too harsh on your leather. Opt for a leather-specific cleaner.

2. Don’t let stains sit: Did you spill your morning coffee or tea? Act fast! Blot with a damp cloth. Leather is porous and the longer you leave it, the deeper your stain will be.

3. Don’t forget to pay attention to the stitches: If you are cleaning, be sure to pay particular attention. Dirt likes to hide in these areas. You can gently clean these areas with a soft rag or brush.

4. You shouldn’t assume all leathers are the same. From full-grain, to bonded, there are different types of leather. Each has its own unique care needs. Know what kind of leather you have and how to treat it.

Remember that the beauty of leather lies in the patina it develops, its small scratches and the stories the leather tells with time. The journey begins the day that you bring the leather into your house, and ends the day when you snuggle into it, with your grandchild at your side to share tales from a bygone era.
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