Microsoft Dynamic CRM Improves Your Customer Relationship Management

There are several ways to manage customer data It is easiest to use a pen and a piece of paper. You can use a nice day-planner from an office supply store. There are sections for contacts, day planning, and notes in the back. This simple day planner works well for basic people management. One shouldn’t collect too many details about a single person. It’s unlikely that the two inches of space allocated per entry will be enough to store more than just a person’s home or business address, a birthday, or a note about their favourite color.

Jump to Today Microsoft Dynamic CRM is a far cry away from paper based day planners. An in-depth customer profiling system replaces the old address book. You can fit in those two addresses as well as the birthday, favorite colour, and the order history from the last 10 years. If you want, you can also cross-reference related employees. Cross-reference your entries with other people in the virtual address book, so that you have a clear picture of the whole picture.

MS Dynamics CRM is more than just a contact manager. It’s a powerful application that goes far beyond the basics. It has a familiar Outlook-style interface that brings the entire customer experience in focus. As you manage each contact, a wealth related information will be displayed. Outlook is familiar and there’s no steep learning curve. You can start using Outlook immediately, without any specialized training. As the product is used more, its power becomes apparent. It integrates into what you already know (your employees). Expanding businesses will benefit from this step.

Microsoft Dynamics Hosting makes it simple to provide this level of power. You can retain the control of your business servers while allowing others to host data in a safe, secure environment. The power of SaaS is also leveraged by hosting. This is a service that allows you to rent software only when you need it. After renting, you can use it anywhere in the globe. SaaS has the power to make even small companies look large. It includes a dedicated team of IT professionals. One team of support dedicated to maintaining the integrity and security of your customer database. You will always have a team to help you out when issues arise.

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