Nature’s underdog is a force to be reckoned with, from fuel tanks to wardrobes

Oh, hemp cannabis! It’s a misunderstood relative to marijuana that has recently created quite a buzz get the facts. Do you know that the plant is not a good source of highs, but it’s great for making jeans. Find out more about this green goldmine.

Let’s begin with clothing. Hemp fibres, the Chuck Norris plants of fibers, are durable and tough but surprisingly supple. The fashion industry notices hemp fibers, not only because of their durability, they also like the way it makes you feel. Who wouldn’t enjoy feeling like Mother Nature is on their side?

We will now move to the kitchen. Hemp seed can outshine all other seeds in terms of nutritional value. These tiny seed, packed full of omega-3 fatty oils and omega-6, can be used as a secret weapon for protecting your brain and body. Sprinkle on top of yogurt in the morning. You can also blend them into your smoothie.

More to come. Biofuel: Have you ever heard about it? The tiny seeds that power our vehicles are actually more efficient than fossils fuels. Imagine putting one gallon hemp seed oils in your car to make it “eat up”. The future may be closer than you think.

This industry is also attracting many farmers. Many farmers are enchanted by this crop. It is less water-intensive than cotton, has a higher pest resistance and doesn’t use chemicals. While growing, it can improve the soil’s quality. It is low-maintenance. And it makes the environment better.

The hemp plants absorb carbon dioxide, and that is something we should all do to help Mother Earth. They are able to absorb more CO2 that a person who has a habit of shopping on credit cards at sales. Hemp is proving to be an invaluable tool in our battle against climate changes.

It is still associated with marijuana and has a poor reputation. Despite this, the world is changing. In many parts of the world, hemp law is being relaxed because people are realizing that hemp is as good as non-alcoholic beers for getting drunk.

CBD, the compound in cannabis that can help with pain and anxiety without addiction or side-effects, has attracted the attention of medical scientists.

There is still confusion on the use of hemp in the world. I have heard all kinds of things. “Can you smoke your shirt?” is one. What if i eat the seeds and fail my drug test? Spoiler alert: The answer is “no” to both.

Here we stand. A flower is a strange but powerful intersection where ancient wisdom meets the latest in innovation. Hemp marijuana isn’t a crop. It’s how we’re redefining sustainability, in fashion and fuel industries.

Hemp fuel can be used for vehicles, clothing or even as a fuel. It is also more environmentally friendly than most alternatives.

Instead of thinking about tie dye shirts or psychedelic concerts, when someone brings up hemp in conversation, try to picture heart-healthy green smoothies or sustainable jeans.

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