Nursing Shoes: How To Choose The Right Pair?

Do you suffer from foot problems and pain? This guide will teach you the importance of buying good shoes. If you’re an athlete, a stay-at home mom, a white collar worker or a nurse, your feet will take a beating. To protect your feet against injury and medical disorders you need shoes that are well-fitted. Here are some tips to help you choose the best nursing shoes.


It is common for nurses to be on their feet for 10 hours of a 12 hour shift. The back, knees hips and feet can suffer if the shoes are not the best. It is true that the weight of your shoe will affect how well you walk or run. It is not necessary for nurses to wear heavy shoes when they are rushing to and from the hospital to provide care to their patients.


Your feet will always be moving around and rolling inside your shoes when you walk. Overweight individuals or people with a large stature are more likely than others to suffer from excessive pronation. This is when your feet roll inwards and flatten while you’re walking or running. It can cause the insole to break down. This will require a pair of insoles which are very cushioned.

Flat Feet

Many people suffer from flat feet. You have an extremely low arches. Standing up, you will see that the sole of your foot touches the ground. This condition may be inherited, but more often than not it is a result of a gradual development. Most often, this condition goes untreated unless there is severe pain. Insoles with arches and orthotics can help correct the problem.


If you choose nursing shoes that fit well, your feet will receive a lot of support. Shoes that are too loose will allow your feet to move and slip around. It can increase your risk of injury to the ankles and feet, as well an accidental fall. You’ll want to make sure that your nursing shoes are well fitted.

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Before you buy a new pair of shoes, have your feet sized. It is the only way you can be sure that the shoes are the right size.

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