Restore outdoor tiles to their former glory with these cleaning and restoration tips

Renovating outdoor tiles can transform your outdoor space dramatically. Cleaning and restoring tiles outdoors is different from cleaning carpets in the home. It requires a unique approach to deal with nature’s harsh elements. The tiles around the pool or patio are exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as rain, sunlight and dirt. This exposure over time can cause them to look dull, stained and lifeless. Restaining these tiles in their former glory will not only improve the appearance of your outdoor area but will also increase their lifespan. Get the facts!

Cleaning your tiles thoroughly is the first step in revitalizing them. Dirt, grime and algae buildup can occur over the years and make the tiles slippery. To remove dirt, debris and loose dust from the surface of your car or truck’s exterior, you should first sweep it. A pressure washer is a great tool for a deep clean. To avoid damaging tiles, it’s crucial to set the pressure correctly. Too much pressure will erode tiles, particularly if they are made from softer materials such as sandstone.

It’s important to remove any stains after cleaning. Grease and food can stain outdoor tiles. These stubborn stains can be removed with a degreasing product. It is important to select a tile cleaner safe for the type of tiles you have. Certain chemicals are too harsh and can cause discoloration, pitting or other problems.

The next step after cleaning and removing stains is to seal the tiles. Sealing is especially important when it comes to natural stone tiles. It protects them against stains, weather damage, and moisture. Sealants can enhance color, texture and even the appearance of tiles. Sealant application is delicate. It must be applied evenly, and it should dry completely to provide the best protection.

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