Rhinoplasty Portland: A new perspective

Portland’s uniqueness is unmistakable. It is likely that if you’ve ever been to Portland, you noticed the art, culture or even a combination of both. Residents’ choices in cosmetic treatments, like rhinoplasty, reflect this attitude. Rose City style is evident in Portland’s nose job treatments. Navigate to our homepage for the latest updates.

Rhinoplasty or “nose jobs” is more than just cosmetic improvement. Most people would like to have the ability to breath easier both metaphorically and literally. The outer image should be a reflection of your identity. Portland celebrates diversity and encourages self expression. Rhinoplasty can be part of the journey toward self acceptance and confidence.

Now is the time to move on. The right surgeon is like selecting your favorite coffee shop in this fashionable city. There are so many choices and opinions. How can you cut through the clutter and get to what is important? In PDX word of mouth is gold. Talk to Portlanders. They are friendly and willing to help. They will be happy to tell you about their own experiences. Ask them about their personal experiences.

Look at the before and after photos of the surgeon to get an idea of their capabilities. You can use them as trailers to see what you are capable of. Moreover, it is important that the aesthetic style matches yours. You want to enhance your own features and not replace them with another person’s.

It is important to note that rhinoplasty does not fit all. Asymmetry may have been caused by a sporting injury like the Portland Bike Polo crash. Other people might wish to change the shape of their nose or to make it smaller to create a harmonious face.

Portland’s quirky yet unique practices are well-known. Some doctors in the region use 3D imaging to provide consultations with their patients. Imagine wearing high-tech goggles to see the look of your nose in every direction before you ever touch a table. The goggles are almost like a ‘crystal-ball’ for cosmetic surgery.

The cost is also a real concern. It can be costly to have a rhinoplasty. Most clinics offer financing to help people afford the procedure.

It takes time to recover from rhinoplasty. You will need patience, time (and maybe a little Portland old school). You must avoid all social or physical activities for at least two weeks. You can spend time reading or spending quiet time by yourself.

Lastly – and you may only find this in PDX – don’t be surprised if the post-surgery care includes organic ointments and herbal teas from local producers that reduce swelling and bruising.

Stumptown has given you a peek into the world of rhinoplasty. If you want to feel better, or if you just desire a more attractive look than what is currently available in the market place, then rhinoplasty may be for your. The journey to a new you is about confidence, surgical precision.

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