Should I buy my new car from a dealer selling used cars?

There are many advantages of purchasing used vehicles from car dealers check this out. The prices for pre-owned cars are extremely reasonable. Guest Posting An automobile’s value can drop by up to 15% per year. Some cars may depreciate by as much 20%. Depreciation occurs the moment that a brand-new car leaves the dealer’s lot. In its first 12 months, the cost of a vehicle is usually 20 percent less than it was originally. Used cars can sell for up to half the price of new models on the market.

A used car can save you money if it’s in good physical and mechanical condition. Used high-end cars are cheaper than new ones, even though they’ve only been around a few years. Used car dealers are a more affordable alternative to purchasing performance vehicles from manufacturers. Dealers offer certified used cars as a way to satisfy consumers’ ever-increasing demands. These vehicles go through a strict mechanical and physical test. These vehicles are also upgraded to make sure they look brand new. To find out if your car is certified, you should check to see if there’s a manufacturer warranty.

It is important to run the Carfax report on the vehicle in order to make sure that it hasn’t been stolen or has significant damage. Even big time car dealers get stung. Dealers also sell used cars that are under five years of age and have less then eighty thousand miles. These cars come with roadside service and financing. Some car dealerships also offer maintenance. The safety of your used car purchase is ensured when you purchase it from a certified dealer. These dealers are bound to federal laws and follow federal regulations. Even though it is advisable to search the web for information regarding recalls from manufacturers, consumer reports and blue book prices, you should not stop there.

Leasing can be another option. The cars are 2 to 4 year old and leased by the car dealers. Owners should keep their mileage as low as possible. A schedule of maintenance is also required. Often, car owners don’t maintain their vehicles in the dealerships where they purchased them. This means that maintenance records may not be available. The lease agreement could still exist in some sections. Some lease contracts include additional warranties. Dealers allow you check your own car for roadworthiness. The dealers encourage customers to go on a test ride to inspect the cars’ engine, tires. radiators, carburetors. lighting systems. brake systems. The used car programs at dealerships have been improved. You can find used car dealerships that offer you nearly-new vehicles with lots of options for very low prices. It’s safer to buy your car through the dealership rather than from an ad on the Internet or in newspapers.

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