What is Professional Carpet Cleaning And How Is It Done?

Over time, the color of your carpet will fade as dirt and stains accumulate click for source. Carpet cleaning removes harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, mites and parasites. The process involves removing dust, fur stains and other particles from carpets that have built up over time.

Dirty carpets not only make your home look old, but they also emit a foul odor. It is necessary to clean the carpet. Carpet cleaning is required.

Professionally cleaned carpets will look and smell better. The carpets will also last longer. The specialists use unique techniques.

1. Dry Methods

-Bonnet cleaning

Spray the cleaning agent onto the carpet. The detergent breaks down soils. The specialist pours the solution, then guides the rotary machines with an absorbent bonnet or mat at the bottom surface of the rug. The rotating mat stirs up the cleaning detergent. The mat absorbs all the dirty detergent. It is not changed until the mat has been thoroughly cleaned.


This is the best cleaning system for low-pile commercial carpets. On contact, the crystals capture dirt. The carpet is misted with an alternative solution, and the system agitates it. The solution blocks dirt particles from the rug fibers as it dries. Vacuuming removes these particles.

Absorbent Chemical Cleaning

The surface of the carpet is treated with a sawdust like material. A tool is used to agitate the compound into the carpet fibres. This chemical is used for dirt absorption, and then vacuuming it up.

2. Wet Methods


This method is gradually becoming obsolete. It’s similar to massaging someone’s hair. A foaming substance, which is then massaged into the carpet fibers, is used. A wet vacuum is used to remove the detergent.

Cleaning with hot water

The best way to clean with water is by using this method. This method is highly recommended. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles from carpet fibres. A solution is then poured onto the carpet in order to remove all grease and oils. A dressing rake is used to agitate the detergent. The carpets are cleaned with hot, pressurized water using a powerful vacuum. After the cleaning, a high-quality rug protectant will be reapplied.

Many professionals use truck mounts with long-pads. Tanks can be used to store dirty water collected from carpets in the truck. These items allow experts to wash large carpets more quickly.
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