It’s Like ordering takeout every night to pay someone else to do your online education.

You’ve probably thought to yourself, “Maybe someone could do this for me?” Do not worry, you are not the only person in In the digital age, this is a thought many students have had. Let’s all dive down the rabbit hole to see where we end up.

First, you might think that paying someone else to handle your coursework is a great idea. No more late-night studying of ancient history or quantum physics. This sounds appealing, right? But wait! Let’s not rush into it!

Imagine you are learning how to learn to swim through online videos. It’s just too much work, so you hire an Olympic-level swimmer to help. They may win in your name but you will sink quicker than a lead ballon if at the end, you decide to jump into the water. It’s like paying someone to take care of your online education.

Now, I get it. Life’s busy. Perhaps you have to juggle a full-time job and family responsibilities. Addition of lectures and homework is as appealing as getting a root canal. Cutting corners in education can be likened to buying a train ticket that won’t take you where you need.

Let’s take a moment to talk about turkey and ethics. Education is not only about getting a certificate at the end. It’s also about growing your intellectual pants, stretching your brain, and challenging yourself. If you let someone else do the heavy lifting, then you’re going to miss out on the entire experience.

Do not forget the possibility of being caught red-handed. Universities are not novices in spotting cheaters. Your academic future will be in jeopardy if you are caught.

However, I am not here to just rain on you parade without offering you an umbrella. When life throws curveballs at you faster than you can react, communicate! Most professors will be willing to help you, because they want to see you succeed. They want to see you succeed.

The truth is that paying someone to teach you online (yes, I know you said “no fluff” but please bear with me) is the same as ordering takeout each night rather than learning how you can cook. It might fill you up for a moment but will leave you feeling empty.

The next time your little devil whispers to you about the easy way, say no thank you. I’ve got swimming lessons. And ask yourself: what would my dog think? It’s likely he will tackle the challenge on his own… after a short nap. It’s not about passing the test with minimal effort. Good luck with your tightrope act on Niagara Falls. It doesn’t make the journey more enjoyable or fulfilling.

It’s faster than you can say, “Do Not Disturb.” This is the perfect place to make memories.