Send Flowers in Thailand – Sending Flowers to family members and Friends

There is no special reason to send flowers to friends and family. It is possible to do it during the most ordinary days. Thailand provides many good reasons for sending flowers and celebrating. There are many Thais have been busy during August in visiting local florists, and browsing online websites to order flowers, article source?

One of these occasions is Chinese Valentine’s Day which is celebrated on the 6th of August the year 2011. It is a non-regular holiday that occurs on the seventh day of the month of seventh in the Chinese calendar. A lot of Thais are Chinese heritage, making the holiday an integral part of Thai society. The the Chinese Valentine’s day is for people who are in love, and it’s distinctive to the Valentineis Day celebrated worldwide every 14 February. There are many Thais have been busy celebrating Chinese Valentineis Day, especially men. They would like to make their wives feel very special. For this reason, men have a lot to do a few days prior to this date in order to send out their flowers requests.

If you have a day dedicated to send flowers to your loved ones, it will be a time where you can send flowers to your friends. Thailand is, along with other countries has adopted the first August Sunday as Friendship Day. In 2011, Friendship Day will be observed on the Sunday 7 August. During that day, it is intriguing to see the people in the group of your buddies will be the recipient the highest number of bouquets. It’s during this particular time that your loved ones can exchange flowers without being stained by the thoughts of love and romanticism. Flowers should be given or sent during this day as a way to express your gratitude to loved ones who will always be by the side of you, whether on the up or down side of your life.

The most important celebration in the Thai community every August is Thai’s Motheris Day. It’s celebrated on August 12, the same day of the birth of their queen. It is also the time that is the third largest source of requests for delivery of flowers via online and retail florists. It is a testament to Thais reverence for mothers, as well as the Queen as Mother of Country.

August is such a very important month for the Thai society because it is during this month when they can all express their love to their boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives/, friends, mothers, and most especially to their Queen. It’s during this month when flowers of various types and hues are being delivered throughout Thailand. The only florists who can assist you in becoming a participant in this important celebrity party.