The Methods of Carpet Cleaning Unraveled

Oh, that cozy embrace of freshly cleaned carpets! What are the methods that can be used to create this sensation? Discover the top methods carpet cleaners like those at Carpet Cleaning Mosman use to make our carpets look and feel pristine. Connect with our team.

1. Steam cleaning or Hot water Extraction

Many professionals prefer this carpet-cleaning method. How does this work? Spray a solution of hot water mixed with detergent onto the carpet. This solution penetrates the carpet, lifting dirt and grime. After removing the water with a vacuum cleaner, the dirt is also removed. What’s the end result? This is the result: A deep cleaned carpet, which almost looks new!

2. Dry Cleaning With Absorbent Compound:

Beware of the misleading name. Even though it’s termed “dry”, a tiny amount of water is used. The carpet is treated with an absorbent substance by cleaning professionals. The soil is removed by vacuuming up the compound.

3. Encapsulation in Foam

It combines the benefits of dry and moist cleaning. On the carpet you apply a foaming agent that traps the dirt. As the foam dries it forms crystals that encapsulate the dirt. The crystallized dust is removed by a regular vacuuming.

4. Surface Champ Bonnet Cleaner

Consider this a quick solution for the carpet surface. With a rotating brush or bonnet a solution is brushed over the surface of your carpet. Although it does not go deep as some methods do, this is a great tool for regular maintenance and quick touch-ups.

5. Classic Hair Shampoo:

You can shampoo carpets too! The traditional way to clean carpets involves lathering a special shampoo on the carpet before rubbing it in. When the shampoo is dry, vacuum it out to remove all of the grime and dirt. Although it may not be as popular due to the advent of more modern methods, its fan base still exists.

6. The Right Choice

The best cleaning technique can depend on a variety of factors, including the carpet material, age, type and amount of dirt. Professionals, such as those from carpet cleaning Mosman, will be able to guide you in choosing the right method for your favorite floor companion.

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