Three Ideas to Create Outstanding Church Websites

When choosing the best church website designer, there are many factors to consider. Before narrowing down your search for the best website builders, take some time to visualize the church website you envision.

1. Ask the right questions

These are the questions you should ask when searching for the best website builder.

What should my visitors feel when they visit my website?

– Which web pages should I be looking for?

What look and feel would you like for your church’s website?

What are the most important elements of my church’s website?

What amount of time and money would you be willing to invest in your website?

Are you looking to hire an expert, or do you want to do it all yourself?

Although there are templates that can be used for churches, they might not be suitable for your specific needs.

2. Have the right conversations

Once you have an idea of the ideal website, invite your entire team to join the discussion. Your website will have an impact on everyone.

– Church pastors

– IT and/or Communications staff

– Church members

– Potential churchgoers and members of the community

It will be a great help to get everyone on the same page about your church communication strategy. To ensure everyone is satisfied, you need the right people to sit at the planning table. You won’t be surprised by unintended consequences.

3. Employ eye-catching visuals

Visual creatures are what people are. No one likes to read long paragraphs of text. Your website should contain visually appealing elements like photos, videos and infographics. These types of content will be more likely to grab and keep the attention of your audience. Video is the new king, let’s face it!

Many website builders let you add video content to your site. Make sure you have enough storage space and that the platform allows for easy uploading.

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