Unique Minimalist Floor Pads

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Who in your house has minimalist carpet? The carpet does not only serve to enhance the interior design of your home. There are also many other advantages, including as a foundation for furniture to prevent the floor surface from being damaged and muffle the sound, making it more comfortable when walking around barefoot.

You can check out the minimalist carpets below if you are looking to replace your old carpet or add one to your house.

1. Minimalist woven rugs

Do you want a minimalistic rug, but with a traditional touch? This woven rug is for you. This carpet was not made with burlap or wood fibres, but rather thick, brown woollen thread. It is natural that this carpet will feel warm and comfortable when you walk on it.

2. Minimalist rug motif stripes

The next minimalist rug has a black and white stripe motif. This motif will look great in a minimalist, modern family room that has a lot of white and little decoration. The room will appear more stylish and timeless.

3. Minimalist marble motif carpet

If you can’t afford to buy marble floors, why not choose a minimalist marble pattern carpet instead? The price is much more affordable and the carpets are very comfortable. The marble-like motif is able to create a luxurious atmosphere in your home.

4. Minimalist rug with irregular hole pattern

Carpets that are only square or round will not do. You can try this minimalist carpet, which has an irregular pattern. Yes, it is true that the carpet does not have a damaged hole. The edges of this carpet are abstracted and the small holes in its middle do not affect the carpet’s main purpose. The house looks cooler as well, but you should be careful with small children.

5. Minimalist chevron motif rugs

A minimalist carpet in a chevron-patterned design is next. The room will become more dynamic and contemporary. Choose vibrant colours to create cheerful shades. It is best to place a carpet like this in the living room, bordering another space so that there are clearly defined boundaries.

6. The circle carpet is a minimal design.

The minimalist carpet in circle shape looks great for a smaller room. Due to its shape, it is possible to see the surface of the carpet. This unique motif is created using the same dye technique as used for clothes and bags. Choose colours that reflect the mood and personality you want to create.

7. Minimalist geometric motif carpet

Geometric motifs have been popular in recent times amongst young people. Try using a minimalistic carpet with geometric motifs, like the example above. If you place it in a corner, even though there are only lines visible and a plain backround, your house will look completely different.

8. Furry Minimalist Carpet

The minimalist long-haired floor covering is the most comfortable and warm. The carpet is very comfortable for sitting and lying down. The carpet can be used in the middle part of the living room. However, make sure there are no allergic reactions to the dust or feathers.

What catches your eye about the minimalistic carpet? Never forget to regularly clean the carpet so that you can maintain the cleanliness of your home.
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