What Is a Bio-Hazardous Waste?

Biohazardous materials are any biological wastes that pose a risk to human and animal health. More bonuses?

* liquids or semi liquids made from human blood or its constituents * liquids or semi liquids dried of human body fluids including semen (vaginal secretions), cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), pericardial, peritoneal, or pericardial, fluids.

* Human pathological waste: organs, tissues and all other human body parts

* Animal waste: All carcasses and parts of animals

* Microbiological wastes are laboratory byproducts which contain infectious agents. These include discarded samples cultures, stocks or etiologics agents, attenuated virus, biologicals wastes, serum wastes, disposable plates, devices to mix, transfer, or inoculate cultures.

* Sharps Waste – sharp medical tools such as scalpels or needles. Also includes glass slides, lancets glass pipettes and broken glass.

Department of Health classifications have been created to aid laboratories and operators of healthcare facilities in understanding the harsh legislation regarding the disposal of hazardous waste.

Offensive waste

There are two types of non-clinical trash: one is noninfectious, while the other contains no chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

Segregate offensive health care residues both from clinical waste and municipal mixed rubbish.

It is important to segregate municipally offensive byproducts from other waste.

Your municipal offensive waste can be put in your mixed municipal refuse (‘black bags’) if your production is lower.

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