What Pro Detailers Can Do That You Can’t

Why invest in professional vehicle detailing services when they cost an average of approximately $225? Do you think that for less than two dollars, you could do your own driveway car wash, visit us?

It is only through the training of and access to equipment by an expert car detailer that they can prevent or fix certain problems. They can reach places and clean parts of your interior with cleaner and a soft rag. A compressed airgun is used by professional detailers to access areas, such as switches on vans or map pockets. This would be impossible for you with your existing tools. This includes areas like your console, your under-seats, your between-seats, and your contoured steering wheel. This gives the car a new feel. This car is almost new.

A professional detailer can use equipment such as electrical polishing or buffing to remove any imperfections in the car’s clearcoat. Compounds polishes can be used to correct swirls, scratches and holograms. While you may be able to buy polishes or compounds in the auto parts aisle, if your polisher is not equipped with at minimum 50 hours of practice, it will take you a long time to reach results comparable to those achieved by professionals.

You can also restore certain parts of your car by a professional detailer. This is something that DIYers cannot do. Headlights and Tail Lights would be one example. With UV exposure, these can become oxidized. They can be buffed and polished to a glossy surface by using sandpaper that is wet.

The smell of a car is a problem for a majority. You may have trouble selling your car if there are odors coming from food, pet odours or tobacco. This can virtually be eliminated with the help of a car detailer using a combination deep interior cleaning along with a ozone smell removal box. The resale of the car can be increased by as much as $1000.

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