What to Do After a Flooded House?

The process of cleaning a home that has been affected by floods involves several steps. Checking submerged things, turning off electricity, and making sure water damage restoration is done in the right location are all steps that must be taken. Following are some guidelines for cleaning homes affected by flooding: helpful resources!

Be aware of the electric current

If you’re going to switch off your electricity, you should make sure you have a dry area in which you can work.

Close the gas valve. When you notice the smell of gas, immediately shut off the gas.

Then, go back as soon as possible to avoid having to turn the lights on.

* Avoid the use of candles. Instead, you should light your room with a flashlight.

Take care of the cleaning

Soap and water are the best way to clean surfaces such as walls, floors and stairs. Water mixed with disinfectants or bleach is a better alternative.

You should be cautious when cleaning any objects which can contact food such as the refrigerator, table, shelfs and dining room.

• Don’t neglect to clean your children’s playground.

The sun is an excellent way to dry any items you don’t want to wash. After spraying with the liquid disinfectant, let it dry.

Your carpet should be cleaned and sanitized.

Get rid of any household objects you can’t clean or that will break.

Cleaning the home with rubber booties and waterproof gloves is recommended if you still have standing water.

Home Cleaning

You should open the doors and windows of your home if it hasn’t opened in several days. Wait 30 minutes and then enter the house.

Start the fan as soon as the power is on. You want to eliminate dampness to reduce the risk of mold.

When you’re done cleaning, wash your hands with soapy water.

Your children and your pets need to be outdoors.

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