Whiffing to the Future: Understanding Tomorrow’s Aromas

ESNC Perfumery’s aisles are not your typical perfume shop. Instead, they’re a journey into the fragrance future. The scents change faster than the fashion. How do you keep up with this, get more info? Fret not! Our aromatic crystalball can give you a peek at what to expect next. Now, let’s get nose-to-nose with the hot trends soon to be in fashion!

‘Raw & Real,’ that’s the place to be! Decades of authenticity are influencing the way perfumes are made. You can find fragrances that are inspired by the nature itself – the earthy smell of morning dew or the rugged scent of windswept beaches. The key is minimalism. It’s about letting natural tones shine.

Nostalgia Novelties is the next in line. This time, perfumers will don their travel caps and revisit past eras to recreate them. What did the Roaring Twenties scent like? Have you ever wondered what the Swinging Sixties smelled like? ESNC’s mission is to keep these iconic epochs just a spritz or two away.

Personal Perfume Playlists are for those who love to cherish memories. It’s all about customization, with customers able to mix and match fragrances for a story of scent that changes throughout the day. Mochas in the morning could merge with ambers of the afternoon, and then settle down into a night ensemble of beautiful elderflowers. Which possibilities exist? Endless!

With the advent of technology, perfumes should not be left behind. ESNC tests scents which react to your body chemistry and alter subtly with the passage of time. This is like wearing a dynamic and ever-evolving aura.

Join us on our scented adventure and discover the new fragrances.

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