You can sell your home quickly by following this guide to carpet cleaning.

Picture this: you’re preparing to sell your home. You’ve just painted the walls, trimmed your garden, and staged all of your rooms to perfection. Wait, there is a small hiccup. It’s possible that the once vibrant carpet is looking a bit…well…lived-in. The unsung carpet cleaners of Cammeray are here! If you live in Cammeray, or any other city for that matter, an immaculate carpet could be the difference between “just another viewing” and “offer made.” Get ready to put on your gloves! Here’s the ultimate home seller carpet cleaning checklist. Find out how.

Look for visible stains, high-traffic zones or areas where furniture once stood. Search for visible stains and areas with high traffic.

Vacuum vigorously. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results of a good vacuuming. Be sure to vacuum in different directions before adding moisture. This will lift up the carpet fibers and eliminate trapped dirt.

How to remove coffee stains, ink blotches and other stains? These stains must be removed! To treat certain spots, use a stain remover that is gentle but still effective. Remember, always dab, never rub!

Deep Cleaning Time – Depending on your carpet’s type and state, you may want to shampoo or steam clean it. Professional carpet cleaning is the best option for an exemplary finish. The professionals have all the necessary tools to revive even the oldest looking carpets.

It’s time to freshen up: A nice, clean scent is not just about looking good. You can use carpet fresheners and natural remedies like baking soda. Simply sprinkle it, wait a few minutes, then vacuum to get a pleasant aroma.

The most important thing is to properly dry the carpet. If you use a wet method of cleaning, be sure to allow your carpets to dry completely. This will prevent mold from growing. If the conditions are damp, you can use fans or open windows. You may also want to consider buying a humidifier.

Final Fluff – Once the carpet is dry, you can use the edge or a brush to fluff it up. It will make your carpet look plush.

Use a carpet protection spray to protect against future spills if you still live in the room while showing it. The carpet will look fresher between showings and the spray can help to repel stains.

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